Episode 38! A School Librarian’s Thoughts on #Kidlitwomen & #Equalityinkidlit, by Joanna Marple.

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Welcome to episode 38 of our kidlitwomen* podcast! Every week this podcast will feature an essay about an issue in the children's literature community (Monday) and a discussion about the essay (Wednesday). 


In this episode, we feature the essay, “A School Librarian’s Thoughts on #Kidlitwomen & #Equalityinkidlit” by Joanna Marple. You can read Joanna’s essay HERE.


About Joanna Marple

Joanna Marple is a European transplant in the US who writes books for children and young adults. Also a school librarian, she believes that equity and empathy should be at the core of our all actions and that stories can help us not only navigate our world but can connect us to others, and allow us to inspire and help each other. See more about Joanna at her blog Miss Marple’s Musings at Joannamarple.com

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